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DAMI Mortgage Income Fund

FundServ Code Series A – DUR201, and Series B – DUR202

Earn up to 8% annualized and get paid monthly

Is This Fund Right for You?

Consider investing in our fund if:

    • Capital Preservation and High Monthly Income: You prioritize preserving your capital while seeking a high monthly income.
    • Canadian Alternative Investment: You want exposure to residential real estate through a Canadian alternative investment.
    • Tax-Advantaged Accounts: The fund is eligible for tax-free savings accounts (TFSAs), registered retirement savings plans (RRSPs), and other registered accounts.
    • Medium to Long-Term Investment: You are prepared to hold your investment for the medium to long term.
    • High Risk Tolerance: You can tolerate a high level of investment risk.

    Explore how this fund can align with your financial goals and investment strategy.

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Performance Data

Media Release

DAMI Mortgage Income Fund announces a 0.66% interest dividend for the month of June 2023. Read more

Offering Documents
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Offering Memorandum
 Summary Of Offering

Explore the realm of financial opportunity with our Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC) – a premier avenue for savvy investors. Governed by federal Income Tax Act and provincial securities legislation, our MIC manager is registered with the Ontario Securities Commission, ensuring adherence to Ontario’s stringent disclosure, governance, and reporting standards.

Under the Canadian Income Tax Act, Mortgage Investment Corporations are mandated to distribute 100% of their income to shareholders as interest dividends. This presents a lucrative opportunity for investment in self-directed registered retirement savings plans (RSP, RRSP), registered retirement income funds, and Tax-Free Savings Accounts (TFSA).

As a trusted alternative funds manager, transparency and communication take precedence at our helm. We provide regular performance updates, keeping investors abreast of pertinent market shifts and alterations to investment strategies.

Embark on a journey towards financial resilience and prosperity with Mortgage Investment Corp MIC Canada. Our innovative framework offers access to a diversified portfolio of low-risk alternative assets meticulously curated to yield high returns while mitigating risk.

Direct your attention to the DAMI Mortgage Income Fund Canada, where investors access premium residential mortgage investments. In a volatile market, this fund serves as a beacon of stability, delivering consistent and reliable returns.

Unlock pathways to passive income through Durham Asset Management’s Alternative Funds. Seamlessly invest via Tax-Free Saving Accounts (TFSA), capitalizing on tax-efficient wealth accumulation. Diversify your portfolio with premium Canadian real estate investments tailored to meet your financial goals. Leveraging our expertise, we navigate market fluctuations to offer unparalleled investment options.