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Where is Durham Asset Management Inc. Registered?
The Ontario Securities Commission is our principal regulator. Durham Asset Management is registered as an Investment Fund Manager, Exempt Market Dealer and Portfolio Manager in Ontario.
Can I hold this investment in my RRSP, RESP or TSFA?
Proposed fund is not eligible to hold RRSP, RESP or TSFA accounts
When can I invest?
The Fund will be open to new investors soon. The fund will offer three classes. Founders Class, Retail Investors Class and Institutional Class. All classes have minimum investment requirement and have different fee structure.
What is the Fund’s target return?
The Fund targets an absolute return of 5% to 7% after fees with little sensitivity to changes in interest rates as well as equities.
Does the Fund issue certificates?
No certificates are issued when you make an investment. Fund administrator will send a confirmation to show that an investment has been made. We recommend keeping this confirmation and a copy of the subscription agreement for your records
How much should I invest?
The appropriate amount of investment varies for each investor based upon their unique financial circumstances and investment objectives. We believe it is prudent to construct diversified portfolios. As such, we caution against allocations of alternative assets that may represent more than 10% of your portfolio.
Why would I invest?
The Fund offers investors portfolio diversification from both interest rates and equities. With correlation in the public equity markets at sustained highs and yields on fixed income at record lows, the inclusion of alternative investment classes is a necessary element in constructing portfolios designed to increase total returns to investors without exposing them to increased risk and volatility.
Am I eligible to invest?
You must be an ‘accredited investor’. Click Here to see the list of criteria that are used to qualify as an accredited investor. You must meet one of the criteria on the list.
How long does a business consulting project last?

In healthy companies, changing directions or launching new projects means combining underlying strengths and capacities with new energy and support.

How do I invest?
To discuss whether this investment is suitable for you, please contact your advisor or you may reach us directly by contacting Mr. Rounak Langhe by phone on 905 239 2436.