Mint Canadian Capital

Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC) eligible for registered plans (RRSP, TFSA)

Target Return up to 8% to 10% net of fee and expenses.

Who can invest?

Accredited investors, institutional investors and eligible investors. Click here to see if you qualify.

Investment Guidelines

  • MIC will invest in first and second residential mortgage in Canada.
  • Maximum Loan to Value (LTV) of 85%.
  • Maximum Loan $200,000.

Benefits of Investing in MIC

  • Above average returns, generated by flexible lending criteria and customized loan terms.
  • Generate a stable stream of income paid monthly.
  • Opportunity to participate indirectly in a residential real estate.
  • Eligible for registered accounts (TFSA, RRSP etc.)
  • Preserve capital by investing in large pool of diversified loans.

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