Our Approach

Investment Strategy

DAMI will achieve its objectives by investing in a portfolio of fixed income instruments issued by North American governments, financial institutions, and corporations. DAMI will utilize a combination of investing strategies, including outright credit trading, relative value credit trading, outright rate trading, relative value rates trading, and duration neutral portfolio construction.

Outright credit trading: These strategies involve purchasing or selling a short credit instrument based on a view of the direction of the credit spread and/or price of the security.

  • Relative value credit Trading: These strategies involve purchasing one security and selling short another security that’s expected to benefit from the differential net return of the securities.
  • Outright rate trading: These strategies involve either purchasing or selling short government bonds and/or other interest-rate related instruments based on a view as to the direction of prices of these instruments.
  • Relative value rate trading: These strategies involve purchasing one security and selling another security short to create a position that is focused on idiosyncratic movements between the individual securities.
  • Duration neutral portfolio construction. This strategy involves the construction of short and long positions, having a duration close to zero or close to benchmark to insulate the portfolio from interest rate movements.

Investment Benefits

Quality returns
Low portfolio volatility
Low correlation with other asset classes
Capital preservation with growth